“Are You A Journalist?” – SJWS OWNED #51


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Author: Social Truth Warrior

102 thoughts on ““Are You A Journalist?” – SJWS OWNED #51

  1. except EVERYTHING she has and EVERYTHING she wants is made by a MAN. She should be hung from a tree, but first give her a chance to repent.

  2. I will second that … No REAL man wants a slut as a wife.

    We can rent them without all the bullshit of lies, deceit, financial, emotional, mental and physical abuse.

  3. Wait… so anti SJWs think if women sleeps with lots of men they are sluts, with all its negative connotations. But if men sleep with multiple women, that’s suddenly a thing to be proud of? If so I don’t want to be a called an antiSJW anymore. Lmfao

  4. This is stupid. Seems like not only you have no idea who is and who isn’t a social justice warrior, you don’t even know what “getting owned” is. You just took some random conversations or monologues out of context and then decided that some SJWs got owned…

  5. The woman at the start talking to the black gentleman, she has cut off a mans penis and told young women, like 14 or 15 young, that they need to do that if a man pushes himself onto her or makes her feel uncomfortable. Lol? Bro. That bitch need to die. In my opinion of course lol

  6. 4:36 – 10:11 needs to be a video of it’s own. That sums up the FBI infiltration by full grown mentally immature SJW’s. And the bias of hilary and President Trump’s investigations. Said so perfectly in under 6 minutes.

  7. It’s not hard to see why there is a difference between a man sleeping with lots of women and a woman sleeping with lots of men. The man has to actually work at it, it’s always ultimately the woman’s choice if sex is going to happen because men are just pretty much biologically coded to fuck anything with a hole, if you’re at least a reasonably attractive women all you need to do is ask a man for sex and you can get it, it’s not that easy for a guy….unless you’re fucking loaded, have an expensive car and target sluts.

  8. Wow Amber Rose is on a real high horse considering she tweeted “Ching chong ching chong go back to your country.”

  9. Trey Gowdy is a very well spoken individual. I would vote for him just solely based on his honesty. Sorry for my ignorance but the middle eastern or Indian man would get my vote too.

  10. Well that first one is disgusting and rude. So if a guy sleeps around it’s fine but if women does it then it’s ok to insult her? Disgusting.

  11. This was great but that one guy who said the government doesn’t pay for your churches is wrong, churches are funded by the government

  12. I live in Austin and I really wish I was there to watch these idiots get interviewed it would be really funny

  13. Dinesh was wrong on one point, the government DOES pay for our religion. Churches aren’t taxed. Tax exemptions are equivalent to tax subsidies from a practical standpoint. Which is one of the reason I want to tax all churches.

  14. Lol that lady Crowder was talking to was so stressed out. Knows she’s busted so she keeps trying to make Steven appear to be rude but it looks so ridiculous with how polite and eloquent he is. That’s normally where men would get pissed off, but he just rolls his eyes and lets her embarrass herself.

  15. Fuck me. where is the right of reply at the end? Blonde cunt just goes on and on. i had to fast forward through 3 minutes…. FBI agent doesnt get so much as a word?

  16. ‘Excuse me?’

    It’s as if they’re waiting for a ‘sorry’ or something. Every word that can be misconstrued will be.

  17. lmao that first girl on the phone cal was such a cunt. Every other thing he said she went “Excuse me¿” as if she was just utterly being womanized

  18. Wow amber rose wouldn’t even be famous if it wasn’t for the penis she had in her mouth so without the man she would be a nobody

  19. Its all about women taking the consequences of giving birth. They are jealous that men can impregnate 100 women and not lose 1 second nevermind 9 months to pregnancy. They are angry with men about this when they should be angry at God or Evolution who made things this way. Like they are going to win that argument.

  20. “You do understand that a man does not want a slut to be the mother of his children right?

    ….. “That’s not true”


  21. OK, a few things… First this is a SJW video, and Trump/Putin politics are out of the scope of this discussion. The clip beginning at 2:46 seems oddly placed, and I’m still amazed when opportunities for well conceived rebuttals based on logic and empiricism are given up in favor of some sort of error prompt. I’m sorry but that is naked propaganda. It hurts your cause. A rational person can’t take you seriously. I’m left wondering who your trying to appeal to, and why they put up with the insult to their intelligence?

    Also, in the next clip D’Souza is totally wrong there. The government heavily subsidizes churches with tax exemption. This is worth a boatload of money. His point largely still stands notwithstanding.

    The rest of it is pretty good. At least require counterpoints to be actual arguments when stitching up your clips. I think it would help your image. You guys need to play like big boys now.

  22. perhaps abortion has to be in a category of itself because it has been eroded and threttened to a much higher extent than the other rights? Obstacles were put in the way for people in oposition to this freedom and so maybe its then justified to increase the security of having that right with financing. Just a thaught…

  23. Trust me ho, no man needs you to “live your life for him”. If that’s your interpretation of what “relationships” are all about, you’re better of just sticking to slutdom instead of fucking up the life of some man who would be fucked for ever sharing his life with you.

  24. Im right wing by I cant stand info wars. Life is too short for interdimentional childmolesters or vampires sucking the energy of out our youth.

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