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Author: Social Truth Warrior


  1. Don’t get too attached to the hat I’m coming to get it soon. By November, it will be mine — OH YES. IT WILL BE MINE. And the HAT…
    VERY GOOD VIDEO, excellently put together and decent editing, Nice job Barb-Must have been a lot of work? Loved the acting, and funny because it’s true. 😂😝😍😘😇👍🏻✌🏻️

  2. If this wasn’t true this would be funny. Amazing how we just stand by and let this shite happen… Europe needs to unite and fight back again Islam.

  3. Very good. The EUSSR in a nutshell. Do what we want, get into more debt so that we can cripple your future generations with bailouts that you need to take care of the new multicultural citizens through welfare. Give the dirty citizens who were born in your country little to no welfare as they have to pay the taxes to help finance the repayment of the bailouts that had to be given. Anyone who points this out is racist, non-conformist and must be weeded out as the whateverphobe they are. This is what people died in wars for? Christ.

  4. It makes NO sense to our govs allowing such numbers… it doesn’t.. at all. Why?? It makes no reason.. no sense! So of course, Satan is behind it all. How can his children take a place over without first being let in spoiled rotten and coddled ? They absolutely could not under any circumstance!

  5. THE EU is shit, you have no vote to say who is in the EU and the EU makes most of the trade laws in your country and you have to pay them huge amounts to basically cripple free trade and destroy numerous industries in each EU nation

  6. Ireland didn’t get a mention !!! Look at that nation …. Abortions and letting loads of wakanda nationals… You know they will have an iris h accent in no time !!! BeJESus says the wakandan picking up his benefit money .. This nation is greaTttttttttttt……

  7. You don’t have to see a tree fall for it to have happened. If it’s on its side, that should be proof enough. If someone is in your country without proper documentation, that should likewise be evidence of them entering illegally or at least overstaying a visa.

  8. Bravooooo

    Rigth now WE have an epidemic rate of free murder for nothing ( a stare a.cigarette) one or two per week.

    From France

  9. the sad thing is that this is 100% true. European nations need to take back their national identities and sovereignty. A group of nations should join together leave the EU as one, and go back to being their own sovereign nation states. Doing it as a group may make it easier for them as they will have more power as a group than on their own. And it will have a much bigger impact on the EU, and show other member states that they can leave. It’s a scary thought for some, but if you don’t leave the EU, you will eventually lose your own country and have no place to call home. Because the EU leadership is determined to replace the population of Europe and wipe out what is left of the old European nation states, and take a step closer to their end goal of a one world government. It may take decades or centuries, but if you keep bringing in people on mass who are of completely different racial groups, cultures and religions, and ones that breed at a higher rate than you, eventually you will be the minority, your language, culture, and everything that makes your people who they are will be lost, and your people may even be bread out of existence. Leave the EU and take back control of your nations destiny.

  10. Most of these people actually are refuges and not economic immigrants as war activities are still on going in many parts of Syria, Afghanistan, North of Africa. Even in countries in which there is no war activities at the moment you can call people emigrating from them economic migrants as their economies are ruined due to the wars held previously.
    And just a reminder, EU is based on economic freedom, it is a liberal entity, a single market with freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and people. This is valid for companies, and for residents as well. If you believe that those people should not be allowed to Europe, you should tell the same to the foreign companies doing business in Europe as well.

  11. How much more can Greece take?
    How much more islamisation and economical crisis does EU need, in order to understand that we have to put limits on acceptance ?!

  12. Yes, we all love economic migrants from the Middle East, Asia and above all Africa, especially the 99.9999% who are Muslims. Their culture and traditions, like FGM forced marriage, stoning, stabbing, murder and my personal favourite, Sharia law, are things we can all aspire to once we’ve been assimilated into their ways. I can’t wait to have a Mosque in my street and the constant wailing on loud speakers 24/7, I’ll be trying my best not to sleep just so I can listen in. I will paint my house in different colours and hang rugs from my walls; I’ll smoke my hookah while my wife goes out to work; my kids will practice assembling Kalashnikov’s in the street and l will contemplate how many virgins will be waiting for me one day. Life might be very short but wonderful. 🧕🧕🧕🧕

  13. “if you don’t see a tree fall in the forest, it has never fallen”
    the fuck’s up with that logic

    “hey there’s a tree lying here. must’ve fallen over”
    “we didn’t see it, so it didn’t happen”
    “well, it obviously fucking did. how else did it get like that?”

  14. It’s too late to point fingers now, the problem should have been dealt with during 90s and early 2000s.
    Say thank you to everyone’s Liberal favorites Clintons and Obama.

  15. germnay need to work harder 🙁
    Just one big muslim attack with a truck at a christmas market is just not enough! If we work hard we should be able to archive a even bigger attack than 9/11! 🙂

  16. Here’s a question Blondie you’re the one who thinks you’re running everything Would you take in all of those refugees and left them stay at your house She probably already has most of them and had sex with most of them that’s why she’s pushing them off on other countries share of the wealth or the diseases

  17. I can’t understand people who think we should accept and invite all poor people of the WORLD. DO they know how many poor people are on the world??? And these idiot liberals ignore the cultural differences and tension, they think let them in, they will be nice workers soon!

  18. The Spain part was horrible. It’s not true that we need loans to take care of migrants, in fact, it’s for another reasons.

  19. I am schizophrenic, and so am I. It is my only way for me to keep my sanity in this fucked up world. Barbara4u2c is the only rational voice on YouTube.

  20. BUT.. SIX TRILLION JOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 We cant have white people that are NOT going EXTINCT because it is NAZISM!!! Being white is NAZI!!!

  21. Years ago I always wondered how the Stürmer would look like in the 21st century. Then I found this part of youtube and 9gag. Now I know.

  22. Great video couldn’t have been anymore accurate, also thanks for including Greece we the Greek people feel the same way about our nation

  23. Excellent cause and of course a fabulously attractive female beyond my native Texan lands. Bring the beautiful Romanians and Slovenians love the gorgeous Europeans!

  24. Nice acting Barbara.
    That “just – r d” expression was so loud, I had to turn the volume down.
    Who needs words when a picture is worth a thousand tears?

  25. what? 2:01 an afghan but afgahn isn’t even considered middleeastern or even those negros
    europe turned itself into a fruit cake salad what the heck is going on

  26. 👏👏 funny but all true😂…on a serious note…ALL european people no matter where in the world we are need to stick together…if you truly love your race and want it to stick around then we need to stick together…and stop race mixing…its a slow killer to our race…you cut your euro dna right in half with something else and ruin your euro dna and made a half caste with no identity in this world…nothing to be proud of

  27. There is a negative side to not allowing in immigrants besides inbreeding.

    1) China will seize all of those countries and force the Europeans to bend from struggling to survive in isolation.

    Dumbass people like to believe that a country can survive without any international trade and unfortunately, this make believe reality is what it is, make-belief idiocy. If China controls all the countries that Europeans depend on for trade, then there will be no way to survive without bending to their will.

    I mean look at Iran, people. Iran is literally being crushed by the United States in its efforts to control all of Iran’s ability to trade outside its borders. Imagine if China was able to do that to all of you after it has control of every other place on the globe. And if China doesn’t, Russia or the United States will just to have a competitive edge against China.

    So I ask which do you prefer Europeans.

    A) Having some Arab/Afghan/Indian ancestry for future generations

    B) Becoming a third world power after your economies collapse from lack of trade, then without any ability to defend yourselves becoming a puppet to either Russia or the United States.

    C) Become dominated by China.

    There is a valid D option and then an invalid D option.

    Valid D) Get the Galactic Society involved. That is the only other option that is possible.

    Then there is the invalid D option, which is essentially option B or C, but under the self-delusion of not believing the outcome will actually happen. This is like walking into Chinatown and putting your hands over eyes pretending you were still in your Ethnic homeland, even you technically still are just that everything is now operated and owned by the Chinese. INCLUDING YOUR HOUSE, IN BUDAPEST!

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