1. 2:09 remember that video of the bbc interviewing a dude on live tv getting interrupted by his little daughter? skrillex hairdo walks like that little girl.

  2. The america being great thing. I mean we do eat good food and we do have clean water and help with housing and welfare and alot of great stuff about america like that but thats about it..

  3. How can so many people hate their own country we live in the greatest fucken country in the world wtf is wrong with my generation to all the people watching not all us are like these fucken entitled brats like seriously so fucken ungrateful

  4. 8 years of black leadership not just Obama he hired many black politicians so blacks have been in control at the top for quite some time …… but whites rule this nation …. yup

  5. I ‘m from Brazil seeing these people saying that America was never great, I wonder what they would think of Brazil that unfortunately has been suffering from 12 years of left-wing government

  6. Utter crap XD Women behave just as bad in Bars. I’ve seen women argue, fight, vomit, vandalize property and have even had a woman try to pull my trousers down while I was at the bar talking to a friend.

  7. Americas fucking great right now everybody c’mon u can’t build your country up if u want to sit there and hate it all the time. I fucking love America because this is my soil these are my cities this is where I come from. we can do better no doubt about that but we are pretty fucking awesome!

  8. one thing I noticed about these useful idiots that claim America was never great, none of them have been out of the country. studied other cultures yes, but actually lived in those countries no.

    now having lived IN SEVERAL other nations most of which have governments that were one flavor of Marxism or another, I have learned from experience that we are truly blessed to be Americans, and that yes America was great until the millennial generation of entitled pussies with no fucking clue.

  9. Kudos to Crowder for showing some MAJOR self-restraint by not immediately hauling off and beating the total shit out of that weasel that threw the beer in his face!

    i respected Crowder before, but that certainly kicked my respect for him up several notches.

  10. Hey ‘Masha’, why the sour face (and why such a low voice)?

    Hmmmm… interesting (as he looks closely for the tell-tale Adam’s apple). : )

  11. Professor of film and gender studies…with no due respect to the ignorant ‘professor’ in the Watters’ World segment…you are by no means an intelligent, knowledgeable, or significant human being. You’re title means nothing, you’re ‘degree’ is meaningless, you can’t even form a plausible or comprehensible argument relating to this ‘toxic, white privilege, masculinity’ you have created in your mind. Talk about putting all your eggs into one basket. It’s very simple, there are pieces of human shit, both male and female, of American, Asian, Latino, European, African, Canadian, Islamic, etc., ethnicity. You cannot define one gender or ethnicity by a handful of people’s behavior (which is supposedly the ‘racism’ you oh so hate). In this sense you are committing the very thing you preach against. If this is in fact the case with men then all women are sluts, all Latinos are rapists or criminals, all Africans are criminals, all Islamics are terrorists. Based on the actions of a handful of people, you are condemning a specific ethnicity and gender. The hypocrisy and blind ignorance is astounding and sickening as always.

  12. WHY do these liberals take it upon themselves to define what normal reactions “should” be? All they are accomplishing is screwing themselves up even more than they normally do. Human interaction is not all that complicated, why confuse yourself? Jeeeezzz!

  13. The ONLY one that resonated was the man that said ” …it (America) hasn’t been great for white straight males for a very long time”.

  14. This BITCH insults what I’ve done with my time . I had my wife quit her harassing job to raise our child who is grown with two degrees one being a Masters in Special Education. My father on his death bed asked me to look after my mother, I did this without a second thought. At the same time my sister and her two daughters we stealing her money and even stole her ID and racked up tens of thousands in credit card fraud. They also tried to refinance her home. I spent 12 years caring for my mom before she passed away and I would do it again. These unmarried unkept unattractive women need to look in the mirror and ask themselves what have I done for anyone..Trump 2020

  15. The “Masculinity Crisis?” segment … it is absolutely brilliant how the professor can complain about White Male Privilege, but can’t offer up one tangible behavior to change … we need to examine how we use and or abuse our privilege … I used mine to serve my country (not in the military, but with the military), provide for my family, pay it forward in my community as a coach and mentor to young men … Apparently, I was doing it all wrong ?

    1. Yes.
      You are supposed to hate cars because of climate change (weather).
      And, you must desire to touch wieners if you also have one.

      You must also desire to dress opposite of what your sex is so as to be as abnormal as possible in public.
      Oh, and hate white pipo and Christians.
      That’s actually rule #1.

  16. Wow! What a miserable person. Absolutely no one wants this depressed bitter bitch to be at their party. Why would anyone want to live their short life like this weirdo does? Don’t you want your life to be happy? This woman is a complete turd. How about being nice to each other while we travel this tiny little fragile life that we have? No? This moron is a disgusting retard. HAVE FUN AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE! TELL ALL OF THESE MISERABLE CUNTS TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! LIVE LIFE HAPPY OR FOREVER BE MISERABLE. WHY THE LONG FACE “PROFESSOR?” YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU DESERVE THE TITLE PROFESSOR? YOU ARE DISGRACEFUL AND DISGUSTING.

  17. i think if she was jogging in the woods and confronted a wild animal and a man protected her and ran the beast off she would be offended he helped her

  18. She suffers from toxic masculinity… too much male mixed into the female = angry and confused woman with testosterone in her system. Good chance she will die angry and alone. Looks like her smile muscles have never been used….just seething hanger and hate

  19. Listen up young people… If America was never great… how come people from all over the world want to come here???? There are 195 countries in the world to choose from. Much of Mexico has better weather than here. So why come to the USA instead of Mexico? Why here? Besides being great, it is perhaps that other countries actually enforce their immigration laws? Ever try to emmigrate to Australia? How abut moving to Saudi Arabia for equal rights? How do you think the “Palestine” that you think is “occupied” and protest for would take LGBTQIwhatever’s? Maybe Russia? I hear the borscht is good there. Hey… You can move to China. They’re socialists. Will fit right in with you. You can buy counterfeit watches and stuff while you’re there. Good stuff.

  20. The professor at the end of the video is one miserable looking woman. She looks the type that when she arrives at the party, the music stops and everyone goes quiet. Where is the joy in her life?

  21. These movements and for pussys and idiots, We need to teach women that they are not equal, men can take this back at a drop of a hat, we allowed you to be equal, and at any moment can just slap you down. You are not equal and fought for nothing.
    You were given a chance to participate, but if you can’t​ handle it , we should take away that right.
    And with your new found freedom you make up idiotic groups, and run around the place like a teenage little girl with keys to a castle, fucking up the place it took men 1000’s to build. We might have to stop the woman vote if they don’t grow up.

    This is why no woman has never had a kingdom or country or successful army in history. They have to be given things, then wast time making up useless terms and dumb concepts while staring at their own ass, and the kingdom falls apart. girls are born socialist anarchist and rarely grow up.

  22. WHITE MEN do RULE the WORLD, and we are great at it,,, we are great at CONQUERING and RULING every one, we Build EMPIRES and I am PROUD to be a WHITE MAN, and PROUD of my WHITENESS, and HERITAGE, CULTURE , I HONOR who I descend from….. Professor Masha Tupitsyn ,, I really hope someone shuts your class down forever, you are a DISGUSTING woman and I wonder how many young men you have screwed up , I bet you tell them they need to sit down to piss to,,, The idea that Masculinity is somehow Toxic is Absolutely Dreadful, you are a SICK person for teaching this to our young men, and I know there many like you. And the only people who think that way are women who’s relationships with men have been extraordinarily damaged , are men who have no idea who they are,,, Or the one’s trying to avoid Responsibility. and wonder why they are young men now putting on pussy hats and taking up for feminist out in the streets and probably voted for Hilary, yep I really dread getting old around these people,

  23. I like how that idiot professor brings up “white male privilege” in reference to bar visits. But how many bars or clubs have GENTLEMEN nights? Cause as far as I know, there are only LADIES nights…

  24. The irony is she thinks white men are the only ones who need to take responsibility, take you’re own advice, Sweetheart. If we held everyone accountable for their own actions, would the world implode?

  25. America became weaker because of feminism and making minorities reliant on government handouts. Remove the social safety net, and you’d have a stronger, leaner country within a generation.

  26. Isn’t throwing a drink in someone’s face assault due to spit and what not? To me, that’s game on. But maybe bc beating the “little man” would feel like beating up a 5 year old maybe? 🤔

  27. So by that “females” definition of “toxic masculinity”, she’s practicing and teaching open toxic femininity

  28. Okay, weve had these duscussions for years now, and its not resonating. Lets start talking about toxic femininity and black privilege.

  29. Uh…. Toxic masculinity is this deep voice I have and..umm…my Adams apple is too big….and I am really hairy, oh my God, I mean on my arms, legs, face….oh yeah, my balls, my balls are really, really hairy.

  30. Oh boy. What a fine specimen this is. Look how the biterness is dripping from that face. I think we must be more extreme, gather all white men and put them agains the wall. That would satisfy you, lady?

  31. What these privileged academics can’t seem to wrap their thick skulls around is that there is a invisible group of people, mostly white men, maintaining and running all of the infrastructure that keeps women like this living in royal comfort. From the roads, electricity, cable lines, gas, internet, etc, all of it was built and is being maintained by white men. White men built Western society from the ground up and have maintained it for centuries. When you import peoples from third world countries that don’t have the complex infrastructures in their own countries, ghettofication happens. White flight is the perfect example of this. So when this silly professor demonizes all white men, she’s putting all of her creature comforts, that she obviously takes for granted, on the line to virtue signalling with her emotions, in typical woman fashion. This professor and all of her ilk want nothing more than poverty for everyone in the name of equality.

  32. But it’s true???? Historically, minorities have had it very rough. How is that great? Segregation ended less than a hundred years ago

  33. The Millenials all wanted to be world famous stars because their mummy’s told them they were.Real world adulthood kicks in and they are pissed.Feminism SJWarriors are nihilists.

  34. Pretty much what that lady is sayin is that there should be Masculinity police, sounds like yall are starting to be the Nazis, like literally they wanted a perfect race so they commited genocide, granted yall arent killing us by the millions but you guys do do it in a similar way.

  35. It’s time for women to get back in the kitchen! Is that too toxic? Haha…..now make ma a sandwich! Lol

  36. Sorry, the lady on the watters’ world looks and acts like she is very angry. And why can it just mean Make America Great Again and nothing more. The angry lady is making things up and reading things into the message that is not even there. This is a professor that is going to be mold in our children’s mind into hate speech. Please tell me I am not the only one that sees this? God Help Us.

    Please can we hurry up and make America great again.

  37. “America was never great”???….

    Come on now, I’m not American and even I know that’s complete fucking bullshit. I do think that modern day America (NOT just under Trump, to be clear) has strayed a bit, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. And I don’t mean by veering wildly to the left, just some common sense and thought.

    I love the bit at about 10:00 too where she says “now we’re talking about mind reading” YES, yes, we are, so much now (If you’re a feminist reading this think about that for a second)

  38. lmao fuck spending money on a bullshit wall have these people meet illegal immigrants at the border and have them talk about how shitty it is here

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