ADDICTION TO POTS – The Joe Rogan/Elon Musk experience

This video expresses my deepest sadness for having to see Elon Musk sharing a pot with Joe Rogan. That kind of actions are unforgivable and I condemn him for it. Every year millions and millions die due to pots and HE, of all people, should not encourage young minds to touch this inexplicably dangerous product. I am disappointed and here is my video expressing my disappointments.

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Author: Social Truth Warrior

102 thoughts on “ADDICTION TO POTS – The Joe Rogan/Elon Musk experience

  1. The man is a fantasic engineer, launching multiple successful rockets into space, trying to improve renewable energy to help the planet, and is actually ties to be a genuine guy (albeit weird) and as soon as he starts criticizing the “wrong” people literally everything he does is now scrutinized to the point of his stocks, executves, and shareholds throwing a fuckinging fit over some weed he didn’t even inhale. On top of that, he says he doesn’t even do the stuff much while doing ambien and drinking whiskey. You just can’t win, goddamn.

  2. Amazing video. So kind of you to enlighten everyone on the dangers of pots, my sister lost her mind because of the devil’s aluminum… She never was the same and is now on life-support. You are doing god’s work, keep it up!

  3. It is 2018, and more states are legalizing pot. Never before have we had so many liberals and conservatives agree on atleast this issue, and somehow, the media tries to back peddle to classic conservatism to demonize this man for smoking a little weed……..fucking stupid.
    FYI- Media, Refer Madness was made to be taken seriously, but ended up being branded a racist comedy by the majority.

    1. +PissedOff RebelinMI,

      Too right.

      More people die from Tobacco smoke, more people die from Alcohol abuse.

      But somehow, Weed is a bad for you.

      Looking at the Pro’s and Con’s though, Weed outweighs Tobacco and Alcohol in the benefits.

      The accuse I hear is “it’s for lazy people, for slackers, for…”, but some of the most productive people I know are Pot Smoker’s.

      I’d have no problem with people complaining about Pot, if they also complained about Tobacco and Alcohol in the same sentence.

      P.S. An what’s scary about Alcohol, if it were made illegal, most people agree that it be be classified as a “Class A” drug, where Weed is a “Class C” drug.

    2. Its classic conservathalism at its finest with the whole weed debate. Yet, like with wars abroad and the national debt, mainstream politicians on both sides of the fence do absolutely nothing to resolve it properly. And Congress wonders why their approval rating has dropped so much among US citizens.

  4. I’m working on being a cook….just to feed my pot, pan, saucer, plate, bowl, cotanander, cup, fork, knife, spoon, ladle, spork, oven mitts, spatula, grill, and oven addictions. Just recently I started becoming addicted to…..CHOPSTICKS! I need help!
    (In terms of Marijuana laws, I never tried it but based on several friends I have that do, it’s not bad. Its harmless if smoked a few times. Its what other stuff people put in it that actually kills ya.)

  5. Now pot is bad m’kay. Once you use a pot, you’ll start eating more pasta, and pasts is bad, m’kay. It’s loaded with carbs, m’kay. And carbs are bad, m’kay.

  6. OMG….this chic Barbara,,(please, no offense..I just grew up with the word “chic”) …unreal…..this is so funny….I want you to marry my son…

  7. Love ya Barbara. Some day pots will be sold at gas stations and grocery stores but now people in real chronic pain cant get pain pills because taking a Vicodin will make you a heroin addict, even at 70 yrs. Old. So these elderly should ask for medical pots for pain lol.

  8. Don’t you mean Mary Jane which we were taught was the street name back in the 60’s? Funny in all my years I never heard anyone use that name except Tom Petty in Last Dance With Mary Jane. Mostly we always said…..”Hey man, you got any shit?”

  9. Those millions that die due to pots are insects in kitchens. Sometimes pot with a long handle is a handy substitute for a fly swatter.

  10. C’mon Barbara, if everyone who smoked a reefer became a drug addict why wouldn’t like 80% of people be drug addicts today?……In my high school the was a vacant area under trees on the other side of a hill behind the soccer field that we called the reefer lounge.

  11. Have u erased ur newest vid barbara ???I cant see it here
    P.O.T.S. means a syndrom where u can’t controle ur hearth pressure and arithmia …POTS is Dysautonomia

  12. Britthany Murphy migh have died from POTS (her familly bear that gene)/casper ,oh look it looks like CRISPR gene editing cas 9 .
    We lost a ‘Soulja’ Claire Wineland from Cystic Fibrosis rest in peace Claire!We use telomerase for some formes of cancer and we can control them like great untill stage 4 than it is gamble (like in malignant melanoma) …well good news – just dont hold ur breath jet.
    I did edit S’it couse my phone is s’it lol 😉

    POTS is dysautonomia- like when u cant control ur heart rytm and pressure and beat when u stand up or like have stress …
    Edit: i also have POTS, peace 🙂
    I did like 5 edits lemme explain my samsung can’t swim….but it is screwed pk it life is what matter anyways….

  13. Not sure you really love pots 2:11
    I dunno if the botton of that thing needs a good scrubbing or a spanking, ah I mean soak, errrm….

  14. This poticular vlog really touched my heart strings..I want you to know that I am praying for you.. Poticularly the kind of pot you are addicted to, full of lead chemical pcb’s and the likes.. My mother also was addicted to pots.. She was so good at it that,all my siblings and I are now obese.. Some of the side effects of this atrocity,Is pot porn,pot pushing,pot pandering,And pot prostitution.. Sincerely yours a Potter living in Oregon USA..P.S… please think about basket weaving as therapy.. it’s also a very environmentally safe and organic replacement for pots..🏺🏺🏺🍷

  15. I started out on pots when I was a kid. You know, just for kicks with my friends on the weekends.
    Before I knew it I was using kettles a couple of times a week. I eventually got into griddles when no one was around.
    Then one day my wife caught me in the backyard using a grill.
    I lost everything and everyone I loved, but I don’t care.
    I am pressure cooking now.
    God, when will it end?
    Remember kids never use pots. Not even once.

  16. My favourite video in ages , the pot parody…. you should have put a warning at the start of the video about the fair usage of pots… Thanks Barbara

  17. I know my comment will POT-entially trigger many anti-POTs, but I see nothing wrong with my obsession with POT-atoes cooked in a POT-tery POT.

  18. Hi, I’m from Brazil and we’re just waiting for a presidential election. We have a single right-handed candidate who has chances and he was the victim of an attack by the left. We Brazilians, for the most part, do not want to be governed by the left anymore and she does everything possible not to let go of power. I ask you, cheering for our candidate Jair Bolsonaro, a representative of the right: of the conservatives and classical liberals (disciples of Adam Smith, Von Mises, F.E. Hayek and Ayn Rand)

  19. Pots are horrible and they are destroying our society from the inside out like a cancer. I used to struggle with a pots addiction but thankfully I was able to get my life back through the use of medically prescribed plates. These days I just smoke a bowl here and there. People say I’m just exchanging one addiction for another, but it’s just bowls. Smoking bowls never hurt anyone.

  20. Here in Canada, our dumbass moronic PM thought it was a great idea to make pot legal. Now I have to worry about my kids becoming addicts earlier in life.

  21. If you look at him smoking pot, it actually looks like he didn’t inhale, he’s living up to the claim made by Clinton.

  22. I like what you did with Elons laugh lol.

    Yeah but seriously i don’t see why the media would hate on Elon when 90% are hard core democrats liberals and Elon Musk is trying to put us on the fast track for creating cars that could potentially save the world from global warming. Maybe they’re mad at him for warning us about A.I.?

  23. You know I have lids of all types for my pots and many different pots to go with those lids ,
    Why don’t you come over to my place and we can enjoy together …..

  24. loving the great spin and edits. Lotta steam comin off those pots. I quit using pots. Now I roast and fry everything…Think maybe I should start using pots again……..

  25. You know Barbara is serious when Michael Jordan helps her out!! How do I legally get rid of pots? I mean if I had any pots in my home which I don’t!!!

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