Actor Terry Crews EXPOSES Hollywoods DIRTIEST secrete to Congress

MUST WATCH: Actor Terry Crews EXPOSES Hollywoods DIRTIEST secrete to Congress

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Author: Tim (Mostly In My Head)

103 thoughts on “Actor Terry Crews EXPOSES Hollywoods DIRTIEST secrete to Congress

  1. Rich people are to blame. Very, very rich and powerful people. They feel they’re above the law and feel like they hold everything on their hands. You can see that human pattern on pretty much anything that is ”owned” by someone is prone to abuse. You can see that pattern even on dumb forums around the internet by moderators, high school bullies (one case of assassination at the gym is recent) and even to our presidents. This is the human race at its worst. When you stand up, you’re showing the best.

  2. How about child trafficking, Satan worship, child sacrifice, and the eating of child’s pineal glands. Slang for the sickos Walnut Sauce

  3. Actually the biggest secret is ALL “A” list actors, actresses and singers are transgendered. That is the real occult story. Look into it people.

  4. O negão mais bombado de todos falando que foi abusadinho por alguém.
    Mas o interessante aqui é perceber que onde há uma dinâmica de poder há abuso de poder, é necessário criar um sistema onde grandes atividades não criem uma dinâmica de poder potencialmente perversa.

  5. That is the same for white people…everybody in the world only have a few chances in life to accomplish something.

  6. Dianne Feinstein’s romance novels have been leaving her a bit *dry* …. She wants a little deposit in her ‘spank bank’. Mr. Crews answered her question BEFORE she asked it!! “Details, please, Mr. Crews. What were you wearing? Was your predator a good looking man? Which of you was the butch? DETAILS PLEASE! Humiliate yourself for me!”

  7. As a white man there’s no consequence to me if i beat the shit out of a rapist, so i will do that if i ever catches one in the act.
    So what if you do get to go 6 months in prison, you’ve stopped a rape and possibly half murdered a rapist, that’s a hero’s welcome in prison for sure.
    Unless you’re imprisoned in the US, don’t know how they treat people there.

  8. Proud of you man you got guts and integrity and what a blessing you are to many others , love and light

  9. As I was 19 I had a boss, that was gay. I knew he was into me, as he told me, and he started touching me at every situation he could get. When I was sitting at the desk he came behind me (phrasing 😛 ) and started touching my shoulds and wander to my chest. Or clapped my ass. He lured me into his room to repair his DVD player and as I tested it a gay porn was showing up.
    I am serious, this is a real story!
    Funny thing is, as I viewed this I started to realise, that I also was in such a situation once. But to be honest, I just left this job from one day to another and never contacted or see this guy again.
    By now he might be dead already or must be about 75 I dont care. But I never saw it like me getting assulted those days afterwards. He was a gay guy, that was into me, he touched me at every possible situation. He did not hurt me (only my psyche maybe) and I did not get agressions against gay people or something.
    Its not like I liked it, but it was so unpleasant that I did not even want to talk about that with him. I told my friends, but they only rated this as funny, and maybe thats why I didn’t give a shit to this and still dont.
    Rape is a different thing I know, but if you are just getting touched or getting verbally assaulted … well from my point of view … either do a confrontation or leave. But never feel ashamed in your own body. In most cases its not intended by the offender I assume, and even if, you should never let him get this victory over you!

    As I said rape or heavy harassement is something different and I would never even try to judge or do advise on that ever.

  10. Since the beginning the motto of Hollywood was (fuck your way up) that’s your rights and everyone are agreed to this , i don’t see women complaining !!

  11. I agreed with everything until the firing. There should have been an investigation then a firing, no one should be fired over an accusation.


  12. Terry Crews is awesome! I love this guy and he should be a leader. Not some Bozo, like Donald Trump, or some asshole sociopath, like Putin.

  13. What a powerful role model this man is. People who abuse their power always get their just desserts. Rock on Terry..

  14. WTF is wrong with 1.3K people? The number who ignorantly dislike this may be even great,but 1.3K people actually took the time to make sure they gave this a thumbs down, to let the world know they support sexual predators. Good job!

  15. The game of Hollywood it’s not about talent it’s all about who is ready to play the game and the script but the dirty is there always u love fame go for it

  16. Respect, but either being a man or a woman standing up to this shit and calling it out, will cost you your career.
    There will always be someone behind you, eager to take your spot in their world, full of pedo’s and sexual deviants.

  17. Amazing strength of character amazing man terrific performer but sometimes you just need to smack a motherfucker in the mouth and all this drama would have been avoided if its just let one go

  18. if i had to choose…… my boss grabing my cock at an event…….or a bird taking a shit on my head before an event…..i rather have my boss grabbing my cock…….fk just brush it off…. its only gonna look bad on your boss not you

  19. Anyone who had experienced or worked at show business, witnessed or experienced sexual assaults. Being a nobody who was just behind the scene or a camera man. We where just told to shut up.

  20. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch Senator and her smarmy ass questions? Most of them are irrelevant.

  21. wow it really makes you think if some guy can walk up to a guy like crews over 6 feet and 200 pounds then what is anyone else gonna do?

  22. he is one of these rare diamonds among dirtbags in America. He voiced it out, we know how Americans are homophobic. shame on America.

  23. well you can see on their faces they dont give a shit big shots work hand in hand…will make a big deal about it bla bla bla but nothin will change…

  24. He almost put me to tears. It only take one to speak up and the sacrifice to liberate the rest will happen in God’s time. Terry, you have made history believe it or not. No matter what happens, you courage to face such a giant reflect great battle stories in the Koran, Torah, Vedas and the Bible.

  25. To Terry Crews: You have a great wife I supose from the training she help instill in you. You are correct about the way Black men are treated! It is ill for this to continue!

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