Social Truth Warriors is a place where those who have a voice, and those who need a voice, can be heard without being censored. It is mostly a gathering place for those who are against the Extremists’ way of thinking either in part or entirely. However; it will not be an “echo chamber” either. All views are welcome and actual real debate is not only allowed; it’s strongly encouraged. Open and rational discussion will be nurtured and a collective effort can be made to not only educate but also bridge the gaps between everyone.

“Real Clear  Politics & True Informed Discussions”  It’s a vow and a goal.  It only works with members willing to teach and listen at the same time.

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All members are able to publish an unlimited number of posts; which can contain text, photos, galleries, and videos that are links or embedded directly on the site. In other words you can post videos that do not rely on embedding from YouTube; so they won’t be taken down due to outside influence or opinions.

Also, you will soon be able to find exclusive content from some of greatest YouTubers and Content Creators around.  Here is a place that will allow for education, entertainment, and anything its members can imagine it to become.  Realistic thinking meets idealistic; working together to find “realistic ideas of dreamers” all around the world.