100 Questions – My Personal Life & Relationships

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112 thoughts on “100 Questions – My Personal Life & Relationships

    1. I’m glad you’ve moved to Twitch! 😀
      I love Twitch & I think more people need to start moving there from YouTube, with how they’ve been acting.
      Twitch actually cares about their streamers & users of the platform!
      I know it’s mainly good/known for live streams, but you CAN also upload videos on there as well! It just works a little differently, obviously XD

    2. JaclynGlenn where did you find this list?

      I’m asking because I would like to try this when meeting new people

  1. I can’t believe Youtube deleted your vlog channel!! I was wondering where that went!
    ):< WTF YouTube!!

  2. Jaclyn – why do you describe as a ‘relationship’ some kind of reaction to someone you meet who does not turn out to be a potential friend?

  3. I would love to hear your opinion about Kat Von D., and her stance on not vaccinating her baby..? And, now I have R.E.M. Losing My Religion in my head because of this video..!

  4. I’m really good at judging character… but not when it comes to my own relationships. Like with friends and family, I generally have like maybe a 70-80% success rate when I think “hey, this guy’s a fuckwit.” And I generally tell them and they don’t listen and it turns to shit. But with myself, I find I’m quite like Jaclyn, with literally all the guys I’ve dated being complete cocks in the end. It’s funny how selfless my reading ability is.

  5. Iam gonna be wierdly honest here. you cracking your bones turned me on a little…
    iam as supriced as your are

  6. I just wanna say girlfriend, “YES YES YES.” Literally every point/rant in your videos I completely relate with and you are a strong woman that I respect greatly because I too share a lot of the same ideas and thoughts! Your personality is very very friendly and you speak with such grace and intelligence. I sound like I have a crush on you lol don’t get me wrong I just wanted to take the time to give you a shoutout and let you know what I think. I enjoy watching all of your videos and wish you a pleasant day! Yo everybody give this nice girl a subscribe and a like!

    p.s. no I’m not being paid.

  7. Definitely disagree about the guys and girls being friends thing. I’m a girl and most of my friends (all except one, in fact) are guys. I just seem to get along better with guys. As much as I’m an individualist and don’t want to generalize too much, women ARE generally different from men in some ways that I really don’t like. Obviously there are exceptions, hence why I do have a female friend and have had others in the past, but overall women definitely tend to be more “game-playing” and emotionally driven than men. I much prefer the male directness, if that makes sense. In many ways I can relate more to men and I think my female friend and I both deviate from the norm in that we both function a lot more like the average male than the average female.

  8. I totally get where you’re coming from with the passwords thing but I have maybe a different perspective. I love my mom to death, I do, but she’s got OCD. And it was pretty bad growing up. I had 0 privacy. There was nothing in my room that went untouched. She HAD to organize everything. I understood it but it was hard to never have even a dresser drawer that was my own. So when I got a computer, that was my space. She wasn’t tech savvy at all so she left it alone.

    So even though I’m an adult now and have my own apartment with my boyfriend with plenty of my own space, I still get super anxious if anyone goes on my computer or phone. I have nothing to hide (except maybe texts to my mom bitching about my boyfriend when he’s pissing me off lol but it’s nothing I wouldn’t or don’t say to him). I know it’s not necessarily healthy to get genuine anxiety over someone using my tech and maybe it’s something I’ll address in therapy one day but for now yeah. The invasion of privacy thing is super real for me.

  9. Even though most all guys here want to have sex with you including myself I like your videos for logic and reason

  10. So Jaclyn, regarding the issue of friendships between men and women, I think you’re painting this with very broad brush. Please understand, I do not wish to invalidate your experiences in this area at all; actually, your own personal experiences are what will color your opinion about this. Personally, my closest friendships are with women, and NONE of them were forged from an unrequited romantic pursuit, and most were initiated when we were both single. My friendships are based on openness, honesty and mutual empathy. There are no hidden agendas. Actually, if we want to throw in romantic entanglements into friendships between men and women, I have rather observed that close friendships have arisen from failed romantic relationships where there is a mutual realization that affection lies in the realm of friendship. Yet I do feel close friendships can be forged between men and women, from the onset, without a hidden romantic intent, as I have experienced. And Jaclyn, I know you’re right; there are guys who do keep friendships with women with the hidden hopes of romance. But in my experience, that is somewhat less prevalent than your experience has taught you. In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts on my “dissertation” above :). P.S. Just in case: I am straight.

  11. you and I are very similar. only major difference is that I believe in God, but to each their own, my boyfriend’s atheist and I’m not one to shove religion down other people’s throats. but your answers to a lot of these questions are the same as mine and we look kind of similar too =]

  12. I can’t wait until she has 2K more subscribers, then she’ll have 666 K subscribers😈🤘🤘

  13. 9:35 those are the real friends ❤ I hate reaching out to people for comfort or sympathy cause I feel like a burden & just want to be alone and sad, but it’s SO NICE when a friend forces you to hang out with them when you’re going through something because it shows that they CARE about you! Even if you hate them for dragging you out of bed, it really is good for you 😂😂

  14. Question= How would you feel/react if your future children turned out religious or fixated on the idea of God and religion?

    1. __jln X i think she would be the last person to try to change that about them. trying to make them non religious is the same as trying to make someone religious , it would just be hypocritical for her to preach atheism but be intolerant of her kids freedom of beliefs. of course i’m not her so i could just be talking out of my ass haha

  15. I love her style, and she rocks the red. But I liked how she used to do her makeup, the harsh thick wings/cat eyes don’t flatter her eyes as much and give them a bit of a droopy look sometimes… cat eyes look good on women who have far apart eyes though. She’s still beautiful, of course. It would be cool for her to switch up her makeup/eyeliner now and then. Just my opinion. Doubt she cares what people think though lol.

  16. What if a partner in a relationship is bisexual (or pansexual)? Can he/she not be friends with anyone? Because they potentially could be attracted to anyone. Or can they just have friends that are not attracted to their gender?

  17. If only the YouTube would have permitted, really really wish I had met you at an earlier age (mine), because I not only listen to but also hear what you say…..and it (the content of what you choose to express).
    Such a cosmic energy source. As a scientist it just sings to me.
    You really have a glowing aura as others tell me I do.
    If you ever want to take your tropical vacation, just come to Ft Lauderdale and I’ll take you down to the Keys on my yacht! 🤗

  18. JACLYN YOU NEED TO SEE THIS OMG!! PERFECT VIDEO CONTENT! xD it’s called, “My Morning Routine with Jesus” and it’s hilarious and yet kinda scary…. haha

  19. Everytime someone mentions you Glenn, I want to listen to A Day To Remember.
    Mainly the song
    Have Faith in Me.

    Idk why.

  20. “At some point I want kids but fuck it that’ll never happen I’ll just get more cats” SSSSAAAMMMMMMEEEEE

  21. Whatever you’re thinking right now, you can say it. But it’s on camera, so maybe don’t? Whatever you’re thinking right now, say that. Is what you do affected by your knowledge that you’re on camera? Is what you write in your journal affected? Then where’s your history as a person? Texts happen, and are a tool for reflecting on what’s happened in your life. Motor activity stimulates your memory at least as exercize treatment for neurodegenerative disorders. The ability to make the note, even if you destroy it, can be important.

    But with notes you’re also learning how to write the kind of thing you write. Whatever you’re thinking right now. Whoever you are? Hmm, and your plans of escape! People who love eachother sure need to take away those tools for independent activity, thought, and growth. Sometimes your journal is more important for reading than it is for writing. Yes, when you already used it to characterize what’s going on now, through several events you don’t totally understand, then you can look back and figure more out about that.

    It helps to have people you can talk to about those sorts of things. If I were asked to share one of those conversations with someone, I would say no. If I had to inform someone of what conversation I had after, I would not have those conversations, and that would make it easier to hurt me, & inherently limits my ability to act on and have dialogue with others about what I’m experiencing. (1) Social support does not exist depending on if it gets back to the other person. (2) Someone can’t argue with you about things you don’t want the people watching to know what you agree on.

    People don’t enjoy these feelings being instantiated in a relationship, even if they aren’t being replicated by a predator. There may be other, similar abuse that started this way, & the fact that you’re put in that situation might feel like you’re being targeted, because who would think that’s okay for anyone for the only people who’re supposed to have something to hide to be the ones that have undergone abuse like this? So you have to learn to not care what you’re supposed to do. In the meantime, you’re doing whatever anyone wants to you, because you act like you need permission to say whatever you’re thinking right now. That’s how authoritarianism gets popular.

  22. Hi Jacklin I’m sorry about you and Richie I only found out a few weeks ago and I thought it was your fault but it’s not and I’m really sorry

  23. Jaclyn I agree with what you said at 1:18. You’re still following and supporting a very toxic person that released revenge porn and posted someones PASSPORT on a gossip forum! A passport… SENSITIVE INFORMATION! There’s proof that this individual did these things and you are ignoring this. I hate to say it but I lost respect for you. I really related with you with the whole Richie situation, but you don’t seem to learn. When people hurt other people and just cause they haven’t crossed you YET doesn’t mean you should still support them.

  24. Oof. The 22 year old thing hit me hard. 22 has been the worst year of my life. I wish mine was as good as yours lol

  25. Got married in my late teens, and best decision in my life. As a good team, we built up an amazing life and family. He died at 45. Married young, I got more time with him, and if I hadn’t gotten all the strength and confidence that I got in our life together, I wouldn’t have survived at 41, as a new widow, watching my mother die. We also started young building up financial security together, which is how I was able to survive as a grieving parent, caring for my dying parent. It’s the best if you’re personally ready and marry the right person.

  26. I just noticed there’s 666k Subscribers.
    Also, thanks for making this video I actually learnt a lot more about you!

  27. The only question I want to ask you, probably would never be answered in a public forum….maybe I’ll meet you someday. Good job being so open and personal! That was awesome.

  28. I’ve Been Waking Up & Falling Back To Sleep For A Hot Sec & Don’t Understand why anyone would cheat you are really pretty & rocking the hair

  29. Hey girl, you should try smokable DMT! It’s an amazing experience and it only lasts 15 mins! I promise you’ll enjoy it! You’re an intelligent person with an open mind; only good things will come from that experience for you.

  30. I kind of agree and disagree on some things. As far as trust in relationship goes, I’ve often given full trust even though it may not have been deserved, and it has resulted in me being cheated on twice. Even with that, it’s still something I give to someone I am with because a lack of trust is likely to cause serious issues elsewhere in the relationship. If you can”t trust the person you’re with, they why are you with them in the first place? That said I would be a bit hesitant to share passwords with someone I was with, mainly because if they feel the need to check up on me that much, it makes it clear that they have little trust for me. My morality would never allow me to cheat on someone else because I know what it’s like to be cheated on. Can’t really be upset about something that you yourself do is sort of a core value I have.

    I used to think I was a good judge of character, but the last couple ex’s have proved me wrong in that respect, so I can definitely relate to questioning your ability to judge others. My problem seems to be I choose to ignore what would be a red flag because I’m sort of seeing the best in a given person, not necessarily what they really are. The result being them doing things I never would have thought they were capable of doing. Resulting in thinking that I fell in love with someone who never really existed in the first place. I’ve dealt with being both physically and emotionally abused by people I never would have expected it from.

    Male/female friendships. That one is kind of a difficult, it’s been a bit of a struggle to make a female friend, someone that I feel there’s a lot in common with (it’s extremely rare, I have a lot of difficulty relating to anyone of any gender) and not start to develop any sort of romantic interest in them. In my mind, an ideal relationship would be with someone who is essentially a best friend first, because then you know you actually enjoy that person’s company when sex isn’t even involved. It’s not the easiest thing to separate those feelings, it’s been a learning process and I manage as best as I can with it.

    I’ve kinda gotten to where I’ve sort of accepted that I’m not likely to find anyone with whom I’m ever going to be happy long term, that I’m not going to have the things I wanted out of life like a deep, committed relationship, getting married, kids, growing old together. Dating sites just are so often such a horrible experience that the bad is no longer worth the slim chance of potential good out of them. I’ve yet to try tinder, and I have no intention to because judging someone almost entirely on looks goes against pretty much everything I believe in.

    Love the video, anything that sort of shows that you’re a real person with their own thoughts, struggles, and feelings I feel is worth a watch. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  31. Interesting true story

    There was an atheist once who was really obnoxious and was always arguing etc
    So one day someone asked what his beliefs were and he responded by stating that he was an atheist. When right away in his mind he heard someone (Jesus) respond with “no, your not
    God still speaks to people today btw
    This really freaked him out and from that day on he became a radical Jesus believef
    Please check out FOTM1 on YouTube

  32. im really starting to love this girl a lot more with each new video she puts up. Ironically, I was starting to wonder how much of her “on camera” personality is reflected off screen in her normal day to day life, and she kind of addressed it in this video.  its actually unfortunate bc I think shes truly something special and unique. not angry or argumentative at all, but rather full of conviction and a strong debater, even if at times its only for shits and giggles at someone elses expense.  lol

  33. This is really random, but I used to be in nursing school but had to drop out due to (ironically) medical problems. My family has been giving me crap for it ever since and basically tell me that my life is useless because I couldn’t finish the plan they had for me.

    Your med school story gives me hope. The original plan is not always the right one, and you taught me that it’s okay.

  34. Not true Jacklyn, My wife cheated on me once when we were dating, here we are having just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and it’s been wonderful, you should give people another chance, people can change, not all, but some, how do you know you’re not throwing away a great relationship because of one discrepancy ?

  35. I have female friends that I’m not sexually interested in. They’re just enjoyable to talk to, offer opposite-gender points of view, and are overall just interesting and entertaining people. I understand that it would be pretty impossible if I wanted to have sex with them, but I don’t wanna have sex with every woman I meet. If I don’t wanna have sex with them… no threat.

  36. I married at 22, still with the same wife after 20 years. Marriage for us has been Awesome! But not for everybody for sure.

  37. I don’t know what I would do with the password situation. On one hand I would say no because I use the same password for everything (including my bank account) but I’m also honest to a fault. So if someone asks me something I will tell them out right I am waayyy to blunt

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